Gouda Cheese - Extra Aged Old Gouda Cheese.

Tasty Gouda  Old Cheese 48+ of Gouda quality. The V.S.O.P. of cheese

The free grazing Dutch cows pass special flavours, through their milk, to this traditional crafted Gouda Cheese. The refinement of the flavours caused by the fact, this Dutch Cheese aged over 2,5 yeas! giving it all the time to develope and to come to it's full potential

This slicable Old Gouda Cheese is natural aged, without any additions, spicy but not to strong, slightly crumbling with small aging crystalls hardly no salt. Eating this cheese is having a little party.

Aged: Over 2,5 years

Produced in Gouda region: Cheese farm fam. Mulder
Supplier: Kaaswinkeltje Gouda

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