Original Gouda Products from Gouda Holland

The Original Gouda Holland products are the original crafts from Gouda, made in Gouda, sold in Gouda, meaning:
  • The products are typical and historical Gouda products
  • The products are crafted by traditional local Gouda suppliers
  • The products are available today in authentic Gouda shops
These are the products Gouda is famous for and proud of, with reason. The traditional crafted Gouda products are know all over the world for their quality. Sadly these products became popular centuries ago, when trademarks and brand protection were no common pratice. Therefore our proud historical topquality products are copied and imitated everywhere. Although some did a fairly good job, we like to present to you the famous original Gouda Holland quality.

Our products: the original crafted Gouda Cheese, the original Gouda Candles, traditional Gouda Dutch Pottery, crafted Gouda Syrup Waffles and histrorical Gouda Clay Pipes, the products Gouda Holland is proud of.