Gouda Original

Original Gouda Quality

Think of Gouda and you think of 800 year of history and the famous crafts of Gouda; cheese, candles, pipes, pottery and of course stroopwafels. Gouda Original delivers the real crafted Gouda Products; farmers Gouda Cheese, the original Gouda Candles, traditional Gouda Dutch Pottery, original Gouda Clay Pipes and of course the famous Gouda Stroopwafels (Syrup Waffles), original Gouda directly from Gouda.

The original Gouda quality products from our best local suppliers. Eight centuries of crafts, history and quality. Ordered by you, global shipment - directly from Gouda

"Everyone in the world knows Gouda: our famous Gouda cheese, the Gouda Candles and of course the Gouda Syrup Waffles. However hardly no one has ever seen or tasted the real Gouda products and quality, they are copied and imitated everywhere. Therefore we want everyone to have the opportunity to taste and see the real Gouda craft and quality, If you like Gouda, wait untill you tase the real stuff."

Gouda Orginal only uses traditional local suppliers where craft comes first. In some cases they have over 400 years of experience, and they make our products for what they are, unique in the world.

Gouda Original, original Gouda from Gouda.