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Here you will find questions about
- Gouda Original
- Safe Shopping
- Shipping & Return Policies
- Gouda Cheese
- Gouda Candles
- Gouda Syrup Waffles
About Gouda Original
 Does Gouda Original really comes from Gouda?
 How does Gouda Original select their products?
 Few Suppliers are not located in Gouda, how come?
 When I come to Gouda, can I buy the products from Gouda there?
 I'm looking for a typical product from Gouda but can not find it on the site of Gouda Original.
 Are the products from Gouda Original more expensive?
 We order frequently and/or large quantities. Do you have special arrangements for that?
Safe Shopping
 How secure is the transaction
 How does Original Gouda treat to my personal data
Shipping Return Policy
 Can I return my product
 What shipping rate do you charge ?
 What happens after I've placed my order.
  placed my order but I changed my mind.
 I received my order but I am not satisfied.
 How is my order shipped
 Is it possible to deliver my order after office hours.
 Can I also pick up my order ?
 Is it possible to insure my shipment.
 I live outside the EU should I pay import duties
 I live outside the EU. Can I just import all my orders
 I received a shipping discount, how does it work
Gouda Cheese
 Where can I buy real Gouda Cheese?
 When can I visit the Gouda Cheese market
 The Gouda cheese from Gouda Original does not taste like the Gouda cheese I am used to.
 Why is the amount of old Gouda cheese limited?
 How do I recognize artisanal Gouda farmer’s cheese?
 How can I best preserve Gouda Cheese?
 How long can Gouda Cheese be preserved?
 There is some fungus on the cheese what should I do?
 Is the crust of the cheese eatable?
 After shipping, the cheese is somewhat moisturized or warm
Gouda Candles
 How do I enjoy most of my Gouda Candle.
 What do I do with the edge of candle wax from a pillar candle.
 How can I best extinguish the candles.
 Do Gouda Candles suffer when stored
Gouda Syrup Waffles
 How can I best preserve Gouda Syrup Waffles
 How long can I preserve Gouda syrup waffles
 Gouda Syrup Waffles were stored for quit some time, what can I do best?
 Can I freeze Gouda Syrup Waffles