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Gouda Ceramics factory "Royal Goedewaagen" 1935Besides the world famous Delft Blue Pottery, one of the most famous Dutch types of pottery.  Where Delft Blue pottery started to imitate Chinese fine ceramics, four those who could not afford  this, Gouda Pottery is beautifull designed ceramics art from the early 1900's in Art Deco or Art Nouveau designs . A unique cooperation between artists (such as Theodoor Colenbrander (1841-1930), designers and the ceramicas factories, created a complete new form of art. Not a copy but a unique piece of art and design.

Gouda was not the only city where Dutch pottery was manifactured, however it was leading the market. When the production of Clay Pipes came to an end, the Gouda ceramics factories became leading in the production of Dutch pottery. By the end of the 19th century the main part of the Gouda population was working in the ceramics industry producing a large part of the Delft Blue as well. The most famous factories were Royal Goedewaagen (since 1610), the Plazuid (PZH) (1898-1965) and the Distel (until 1925). Royal Goedewaagen is the last and only still operational factory.

"Gouda Pottery, traditional design since 1900"

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