Gouda Stroopwafels; Gouda Syrup Waffles are also known as Treacle Waffles or Caramel Cookie Waffles. This famous waffle is an original Gouda waffle. Our Stroopwafels are 100% Butter Syrup Waffles.

Van Vliet's handcrafted Gouda Syrup Waffles factoryThe syrup waffle (Dutch: "Stroopwafel", also Caramel Cookie Waffle or Treacle Waffle) originates from Gouda in the Netherlands. The handcrafted syrup waffle is invented in the first half of the 19th century. Most likely Gerard Kamphuisen, who opened his bakey in 1810, was the inventor of the handcrafted Gouda Stroopwafel. As described in one of the oldest found recepies of 1840, left overs and crumbs were used to bake cookies sweetened with syrup.They were also called "poor mens cookies" because they were very cheap to produce.

In19th century there were approximately 100 Syrup Waffle bakeries in Gouda. Until 1870 Gouda was the only city were syrup waffles were made. Later the syrup waffle became know outside Gouda . Around 1960 only 17 syrup waffle bakeries were left in Gouda and today only four of them still exists. From one of the last Gouda Stroopwafel bakeries we have the original Gouda Syrup Waffle. This Syrup waffle is still baked based on the original 1880 recipe, a slightly sweet Stroopwafel, day fresh shipped.

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